Beat the bag

Wow! This bag is made from leftover fabric, like old flags or banners. Beat the Bag gives old promotional materials a new lease of life. By using this bag, you’re reducing waste, helping people find work, and never needing to buy a plastic bag in a store again. Let’s Beat the Bag!

By upcycling promotional materials into reusable bags by and for companies, Beat the Bag is helping to move Europe’s circular economy forward. In the promotional industry, a lot of materials are produced that lead short lives and are quickly discarded. Each month, we convert around 1,500 m2 of this material into sustainable, high-quality bags – tailored to the wishes of the client. This turns a material that’s become worthless into a valuable product again. These unique bags are sewn in socially responsible warehouses, which also provide local employment opportunities.

A bag with a story
100% Upcycled
100% Handmade
100% Dutch

PRICES EX WORKS,  EX VAT 25 50 100 250 500
Backpack/foldable-/conferencebag 9,60 7,20 7,20 7,20 6,00
Shopping bags (mesh/canvas) 13,50 11,25 11,25 11,25 10,13
Deluxe shopping bag 28,50 26,25 26,25 26,25 25,13
Messenger bag 48,75 45,00 45,00 45,00 43,50
Overnight bag 66,00 63,00 63,00 63,00 60,00
Printing on the bag per side (1 color) 6,75 4,88 3,75 3,00 2,93
The standard WoW! tag 0,30 0,30 0,30 0,30 0,23
Custom printed tag (1 color) 1,50 0,83 0,38 0,30 0,23
Sewn on label 6,00 3,90 2,85 2,25 2,03

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Notebook made from coffee grounds


Wow! The Netherlands alone generates 120 million kilograms of waste coffee grounds annually.

Coffee Based makes coffee more valuable than simply a cup of coffee: we’re turning the coffee industry upside down! The cover of this notebook is made from the waste grounds of a single cup of coffee.  The paper is 100% recycled, meaning there’s zero deforestation in its production process and it’s as environmentally friendly as possible. 

PRICES EX WORKS,  EX VAT 25 50 100 250 500 1.000
Price per piece 16,50 16,50 15,00 14,25 13,50 12,75
Printingcosts per color 5,03 2,22 1,20 0,81 0,68 0,63
The standard box 1,50 1,50 1,50 1,43 1,35 1,20
Custom printed box (1 color) 1,50 1,43 1,35 1,20
Closing sticker (full-color) 2,63 1,65 1,35 1,05 0,98 0,98

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Hook’d is a 100% Dutch product: it’s made from PE plastic that’s been recycled in the Netherlands, and it’s produced in the Netherlands too.

Hook’d is an alternative to expensive saddle bags, and it’s easier to use. No more messing about trying to stuff bags full of groceries into your saddle bags, and no more wrestling with wet bike bags that have been exposed to the elements. Plus, your bike always fits in the rack because you take Hook’d indoors with you.

Hook’d encourages the use of sustainable shopping bags, and reduces the use of plastic bags – Hook’d fits right into the EU policy that aims to minimize plastic bag usage.

Hook’d is designed to be sustainable, strong, light and attractive to look at – suitable for one or two bags, and super-simple to use.

Hook’s encourages people to get cycling – contributing to healthier lifestyles and lower CO2 emissions and fits into the ambition towards sustainability and a better environment.

PRICES EX WORKS, EX VAT 50 100 250 500 1.000
Price unprinted 8,25 7,50 7,13 6,75 6,75
Price including 1 domingsticker 10,13 9,38 9,00 8,25 7,88
Price including 2 domingstickers 10,88 10,13 9,38 8,63 8,25

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Mud Jeans


Wow! MUD Jeans is a Dutch circular denim brand. We encourage brands and companies to take part in the circular movement.  MUD Jeans are designed in such way that when worn out, they are easy to shred in order to be recycled.

This is how MUD Jeans creates their own circular denim loop. The style is a mix of American Vintage, Dutch Design and Scandinavian Minimalism. From circular design to recycling the jeans. MUD Jeans takes care of their materials and makes sure the old cotton is used as a source for new products.Now we introduce the next best thing: out of the used cotton we make new beautiful jeans, denim aprons & bags!
– the most sustainable jeans
– 25% – 40% recycled old jeans
– organic cotton
– finishing is done by laser and ozone, no chemicals
– customised lasered logo is possible
Aprons & Bags:
– 40% recycled old jeans, 60% organic cotton
– full customisation is possible (embroidery or engraving)

Prices will follow.


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Rockbook notebook made from stones


Wow! The clue’s in the title: the paper in this Rockbook really is made from 80% stone waste, plus a little resin (HDPE) to bind the stone powder.

The result is a cradle-to-cradle certified material that can be infinitely recycled. Stone paper uses far fewer resources (no trees, no water, no bleach, and no toxins) in production, and it can be re-used over and over again! On behalf of us all at On The Rocks, a big high five!

PRICES EX WORKS,  EX VAT 25 50 100 250 500 1000
Price per piece, standard cover design 9,75 9,75 9,75 8,70 7,80 6,00
Price per piece incl. custom cover* 11,40 9,60 8,70 6,90
The standard box 1,50 1,50 1,50 1,43 1,35 1,20
Custom printed box (1 color) 1,50 1,43 1,35 1,20
Closing sticker on each box (full-color) 2,63 1,65 1,35 1,05 0,98 0,98
Sleeve made from agricultural waste** 1,50 0,75 0,33 0,24 0,20

Extra Information: –
Basic packaging:
100 pieces in a box, 40 x 30 x 30 cm, 10 kg.

Optional packaging:
Each pair in a standard or custom printed box, 17 x 21,5 x 2,7 cm, with or without optional closing sticker. 
**Each Rockbook with with a custom full-color printed sleeve of agricultural waste-paper (260 grams/m2 material).

Available colors:
10 standard colors available, see the images at this webpage.

Printing possibilities: 
-* Printed cover: from 100 pieces the cover can be printed full-color on the outside / 1 c (black) on the inside. See costs at the price-table.
-All pages can be customized in 1 color (black) starting at 1.000 pieces (no extra costs)

Stone paper cover
Contains 80 Stonepaper pages
Size: 13 x 21 cm
Weight: 185 grams
Optional packaging:

With basic packaging: in 1 week.
With a standard box: within 1 week
With a custom printed box: 2 weeks
With closing sticker: 2 weeks

Startup costs (only charged for the closing sticker or custom printed box): € 105,- in total.

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Flower pot made from coffee waste


Wow! The Netherlands generates 120 million kilograms of waste coffee grounds annually. 

This flower pot is made from the grounds that are produced when making a single cup of coffee. And it’s customizable with your company logo, making it the perfect pot to inject a little green into your office.


Tablet sleeve made from unsold fabric


Wow! This stylish iPad and tablet sleeve is made from felt, while the detailing is made from leather for an extra-chic look. The entire sleeve is made up of leftover fabric that comes from a furniture factory in Ahrend.

The fabric is trimmed to size and sewn into beautiful sleeves in a socially responsible warehouse. The sleeve is suitable for the iPad Air 1 & 2 and all 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy models. The inside measurements of the sleeve are 17 x 25 cm.



Toost beer


Wow! Every year in the Netherlands, 120 million kilograms of bread – or 150 million loaves – are thrown away. That’s quite the bread mountain. Toost beer is brewed using unsold fresh bread.

Toost is developed by BeeBlue and the Amsterdam Brewery Branie Bier. During the brewing process, up to 30%  of the malt is replaced by  toasted bread that brings sweet hints to the beer. Toost is a sunny  pal ale craft beer. The hops give the beer a light bitterness and a fruity, citrusy aroma.  The word “Toost” is a cross between the Dutch word for “Cheers!” (making a toast) and the English word for toasted bread. Toast a TOOST to our future!


SOOP – organic soap made from orange peels and coffee grounds



Wow! Worldwide, we produce 46 billion kilograms of orange peel and around 50 billion kilograms of coffee grounds each year–both by-products of our daily consumption of fresh coffee and orange juice. 

What’s left over just gets thrown away. ‘SOOP’ is made from leftover orange peel and coffee grounds, but more importantly to utilise the natural fragrance, scrubbing qualities, cleansing power, and colour of coffee and citrus for your skin. ‘SOOP, to our bright future!

Quantity 25 50 100 250 500 1000
Price per piece, bulk packaging 4,20 4,20 4,20 4,20 4,13 4,13
The Wow! box 0,60 0,60 0,60 0,53 0,45 0,38
Closing sticker (full-color) applied to the Wow! box 2,63 1,65 1,35 1,05 0,98 0,98

Extra Information: –
Bulk packaging: 100 pieces per carton.

Optional packaging:
Each in a standard (Wow! design) box, 7,5 x 7,5 x 1,8 cm, with or without optional closing sticker. 

Variations (3 versions of Soop available):
-Made of coffeegrounds
-Made of orange-peel
-Made of a mix of coffee grounds and orange-peel

Optional packaging:
Each in a standard (Wow! design) box, 7,5 x 7,5 x 1,8 cm, with or without optional closing sticker. 

Startup costs (only charged for the closing sticker): € 105,- in total.



Wow! This candle is made from used cooking oil from restaurants – oil that’s too useful to be thrown away. So we give it a new life – as grease lightning, literally!

Contributing to a better world can be as easy as striking a match. The candle holders are made from recycled pickle jars to bring you light.