Mud Jeans


Wow! MUD Jeans is a Dutch circular denim brand. We encourage brands and companies to take part in the circular movement.  MUD Jeans are designed in such way that when worn out, they are easy to shred in order to be recycled.

This is how MUD Jeans creates their own circular denim loop. The style is a mix of American Vintage, Dutch Design and Scandinavian Minimalism. From circular design to recycling the jeans. MUD Jeans takes care of their materials and makes sure the old cotton is used as a source for new products.Now we introduce the next best thing: out of the used cotton we make new beautiful jeans, denim aprons & bags!
– the most sustainable jeans
– 25% – 40% recycled old jeans
– organic cotton
– finishing is done by laser and ozone, no chemicals
– customised lasered logo is possible
Aprons & Bags:
– 40% recycled old jeans, 60% organic cotton
– full customisation is possible (embroidery or engraving)

Prices will follow.


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