Hook’d is a 100% Dutch product: it’s made from PE plastic that’s been recycled in the Netherlands, and it’s produced in the Netherlands too.

Hook’d is an alternative to expensive saddle bags, and it’s easier to use. No more messing about trying to stuff bags full of groceries into your saddle bags, and no more wrestling with wet bike bags that have been exposed to the elements. Plus, your bike always fits in the rack because you take Hook’d indoors with you.

Hook’d encourages the use of sustainable shopping bags, and reduces the use of plastic bags – Hook’d fits right into the EU policy that aims to minimize plastic bag usage.

Hook’d is designed to be sustainable, strong, light and attractive to look at – suitable for one or two bags, and super-simple to use.

Hook’s encourages people to get cycling – contributing to healthier lifestyles and lower CO2 emissions and fits into the ambition towards sustainability and a better environment.

PRICES EX WORKS, EX VAT 50 100 250 500 1.000
Price unprinted 8,25 7,50 7,13 6,75 6,75
Price including 1 domingsticker 10,13 9,38 9,00 8,25 7,88
Price including 2 domingstickers 10,88 10,13 9,38 8,63 8,25

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